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Tax-free health benefits

If you are an employer, having a healthy staff is good for both you and your employees. So, you might want to give your employees benefits that will help them catch any health problems early and get back to full health. Even though private health insurance is a taxable benefit (except for employees ...
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Tax-free savings income

There are many ways to get tax-free savings income. But not all routes are available to all taxpayers. The options depend on the type of savings, the saver’s other income, and the rate of tax at the top of the income range. Savings Allowance A savings allowance is given to both basic rate and ...
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Different lets, different tax rules

From a tax point of view, not all rentals are the same, and the rules for furnished vacation rentals are different from those for traditional buy-to-lets. Buy-to-let In a traditional buy-to-let, the same tenant or tenants live in the property for a long time. The standard length of a lease is at lea...
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